The AGN Astrophysics Group is a working group of young researchers studying Active Galactic Nuclei. We are part of the Prague Relativistic Astrophysics group in the Galaxies and Planetary Systems department of the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Our work focuses on the study of the accretion around supermassive black holes in the centres of galaxies, and their interplay with the environment in and around galaxies. We investigate the nature of the accretion around supermassive black holes, the diversity of the AGN types and the physical processes which lead to the diversity, and the effects on observed quantities and galaxy evolution. We also explore the similarities and differences between the accretion around stellar mass and supermassive black holes to examine whether black holes across the mass scale can be unified in their accretion states. We use observations from a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio – submillimetre through infrared, optical, ultraviolet to X-rays, including proprietary as well as archival observations, as well as modeling and simulations.

Front: Jíři Svoboda, Peter Boorman, Daniel Kynoch
Back: Abhijeet Borkar, Emily Moravec